Local artist and photographer Ken Kuzia will display his images featured in “Village Secrets” by Rand Gee during the Western New York Bike Festival at 9 a.m. June 3 in the Victor Chamber of Commerce Tent at Dryer Road Park, 7405 Dryer Road, Victor.
The book is a series of short stories about residents of the fictitious town of Opine, Wisconsin.
Gee had asked Kuzia to supply “representative pictures of village buildings.”
Kuzia, a 25-year village resident, decided to use Victor for the images dividing each chapter. Although Victor images are used in the book, captions were changed to fit the content and characters within the storyline.
A few pictures were taken in the villages of Pittsford and East Rochester.
Kuzia took photographs of Victor buildings and digitally enhanced them for the book. A composite image of the north side of Main Street spans the front cover of the book and continues across the spine to the back cover.
Kuzia, president and charter member Victor Art Group, designed Victor Trails Inc.’s new logo. His entry was selected from designs developed by other art group members. The organization is open to residents who create and appreciate all art media. The group will meet from 6:30 to 8 p.m. June 13 at Town of Victor Parks and Recreation, 7891 Lehigh Crossing.
For information, visit wnybikefest.com.