Deputy Zachary Hudgins was presented with the Distinguished Service Award.

HOPEWELL — The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office marked Law Day on May 15 with its annual awards program and remembrance of fallen officers.

Deputy Zachary Hudgins was presented with the Distinguished Service Award.

In the early morning hours of Nov. 2, 2016, Hudgins was dispatched to Victor for a fiery motor vehicle crash with a trapped driver. He was able to extinguish the fire and break out a passenger window. When the fire flared up again, Hudgins pulled the driver into the rear seat and out of the vehicle, saving his life.

Hudgins also earned a letter of commendation for a different incident. He observed a woman walking along a town of Canandaigua road on April 7. In talking with her, he was able to determine she had purchased cocaine from a nearby home and after a search warrant was executed, officers made an arrest after finding crack cocaine and prescription medications stolen from the woman.

Letters of commendation

Several other officers earned letters of commendation.

Sgt. Everett Roach assisted Hudgins at the Victor fire scene on Nov. 2, 2016. He emptied his fire extinguisher on the vehicle and assisted Hudgins in moving the motorist a safer distance away from the vehicle.

Sgt. Terra Killian and Corrections Officers Timothy Bentley and Joshua Shaver were recognized for saving the life of an inmate who tried to commit suicide by tying a sheet around his neck and to a bench in his cell to hang himself Oct. 1, 2016. Bentley called for assistance, and he and Killian attempted to cut the knotted sheet from the inmate's neck. Shaver then arrived and assisted in cutting the sheet away.

Deputies Rebecca Edington and Dustin Heininger unselfishly responded to a farm field on July 13, 2016, where a man’s arm was amputated in a hay baler. Edington, who was on duty early for her shift, heard the call and responded because she was close to the scene. Heininger was at the end of his shift but also responded because of his proximity. The deputies found the severed arm and quickly transported it to a Mercy Flight landing zone so that it could be transported along with the victim to the hospital in hopes of reattaching it.

Deputy Karl Nelson and Investigators John Kesel and Douglas Smith were recognized for their work in solving five residential burglaries. Through the use of social media, a video that had an image of a suspicious vehicle and surveillance, some of the victim’s jewelry sold at a pawn shop was located. That led to finding a suspect, who admitted to the burglary. After a search warrant was executed, stolen property from other homes were recovered.

Nelson and State Police Sgt. Brian McAfee investigated a call after a young man had posted a suicidal message on social media on June 12, 2016. The officers found the person in a wooded area hanging from a tree with a belt around his neck. After cutting the belt, they began CPR and revived him, saving his life.

Nelson, while called to two separate vehicle incidents in October 2016, was able to interview and make observations of each motorist, leading to arrests for driving while ability impaired by drugs and preventing the motorists from endangering others on the roadways.

Deputy Tyler Marlow heard a dispatch April 7 for a vehicle larceny in Geneva. Marlow observed a man who fit the description walking near a roving perimeter and detained him. The man had several items stolen from the vehicles. Stopping the man enabled Geneva police to make an arrest and return the stolen items.