Victor Farmington Library is asking voters in Victor Central School District for a vote to remain at the its same tax rate for community support.
Due to growth and development in the Victor Farmington communities, there has been a rise in the overall tax assessment.
When the original vote for funding the library occurred, the request was for an amount that assessed residents 19 cents per $1,000. This meant that if a homeowner had a $200,000 home, they would pay $38 to the library. The vote in June will ask voters to approve keeping the same rate of 19 cents per $1,000, and this will provide the library with an additional $23,245 for its budget.
A $200,000 home will still ask the owner to pay the same amount. This system of funding is based on asking taxpayers for a specific amount to go to the library. Adjustments in total tax assessments do not impact what the library receives unless it holds a vote.
“Demands on the library budget include rising costs of library materials and for building maintenance,” said Elly Dawson, library director. “The increase in minimum wage also impacts the salaries of our staff. While working to provide the best library service to our community, it is important to share our needs with the residents. With nearly 85 percent of the library’s budget coming from local tax dollars, we look to strengthen that support for our 2018 budget year.”
The library’s request will result in the total tax support of $478,389.
The vote to increase the library’s income will be from noon to 8 p.m. June 21 at Village Hall, 60 E. Main St., Victor.
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