Landfill manager outlines what to expect over at the landfill in the town of Seneca

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. announced that the Ontario County landfill construction project is picking up where it left off last fall. The landfill on Routes 5 and 20 is undergoing a number of upgrades to process trash within the landfill border in the town of Seneca.

Marc Okrant, vice president of marketing with Casella explained the following:

Utility Relocation
The water line running through the expansion area has now been moved and placed in service. In the next few weeks, you will be able to see new power poles going up along County Route 5. Those power poles will carry the electricity from the power plant to consumers. We expect that work will take four to six weeks. Sometime in May the power plant will have to switch over to the new power lines. That will take a couple of days, and during that temporary period of time, we will be operating the on-site flares. We will provide a timing update as soon as the schedule is set for the tie-in.

Cell Construction
This year we will be building a new cell on the southeast corner of the facility. Construction will begin in May and continue through October.

Gas Collection
We are continuously installing new gas collection lines and wells at the site. NYSDEC has approved our plan for horizontal collection in the new Cell 8A-1 and that will be installed as we fill that cell. We are also preparing designs for additional vertical wells to be place on top of the landfill and expect that work will be done in August.

Temporary Cap
We plan to install two temporary caps this year, one on the south and west side of the facility above the current cap, and one on the north side of Cell 9B-1. We hope to have both installed by the end of September.