The road will be closed anywhere from two to four weeks.

BRISTOL — A motorist fortunately was traveling slowly Thursday night because of the rainy conditions.

Because if the driver hadn’t, who knows what might have happened.

The motorist is credited with discovering the lightly traveled road was washed out and was able to stop in time after seeing the large hole in the road ahead of him, according to Supervisor Bob Green.

“We were very fortunate,” Green said. “It would have swallowed a car up in a second.”

Green said his rain gauge measured 2.5 inches of rain after the storm Thursday, which left many low-lying areas of the county such as Honeoye underwater and lots of partially submerged debris in Honeoye and Canandaigua lakes.

Boating advisories will remain on both lakes for the weekend, according to Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero.

Honeoye Lake, for example, is 11 inches above its normal depth of 503.5 feet.

Because of the advisory, boaters are asked to reduce speeds and watch for debris. Some docks are under water.

Meanwhile, repairs and cleanup will continue on land.

Flatiron Road is closed, and will be for the next two to four weeks because of damage in the road, which Green estimated the hole at 20 feet deep and 25 feet wide.

The cost of the repair won’t be known until later in the week, but Green said it will be a labor- and equipment-intensive project.

Sections of 16-foot pipes were washed away in the storm.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” Green said.