Bristol Supervisor Bob Green will serve as vice chairman.

VICTOR — This year is a local election year. Decisions also have to be made on a future without the Ontario County Landfill. Taxes. Services. Economic development.

But the top issue facing members of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors is one they faced in 2016. And the enormity of the issue is told in the numbers.

Last month, 21 people died of drug overdoses in Erie County, said Victor Supervisor Jack Marren, who on Thursday was unanimously re-elected chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Bristol Supervisor Bob Green was re-elected vice chairman.

“What could that be in our county?” Marren said. “Anything but zero is unacceptable.”

Just last month, 28 percent of the 184 new admissions to the Ontario County Jail admitted to heroin addiction, Marren said.

“I can’t stress it enough. If we have to fight this one person at a time and take it on that way, so be it. That’s what we have to do,” Marren said. “It’s alarming.”

Marren on Thursday also announced leadership positions to a revamped committee system during the board’s annual organizational meeting. The 10 previous standing committees have been reduced to six, although their functions have been incorporated into the new committees.

Ontario County Administrator Mary Krause said the consolidation of committees not only was done to increase efficiency, but in some cases will broaden their focus.

For instance, the Planning and Environmental Committee will be able to also address issues concerning lake quality and blue-green algae rather than solely landfill concerns.

And supervisors will also now fulfill two rather than three committee assignments, Krause said.

“It’s better use of time for our supervisors and better use of time for our department heads as well,” Marren said. “I think it’s an improvement on efficiency.”

Green will head up the board’s Public Safety Committee.

Manchester Supervisor Jeff Gallahan will head the Governmental Operations and Insurance Committee.

Hopewell Supervisor Peg Hilton will lead the Health and Human Services Committee.

Geneva Supervisor Charlie Evangelista will lead the Public Works Committee.

Canandaigua Supervisor David Baker will lead the Ways and Means Committee.

Canadice Supervisor Kris Singer will head the Planning and Environmental Quality Committee.

Choosing the leaders was difficult because the level of talent is incredible, Marren said.

“We are fortunate because this is a nice problem to have,” Marren said.