I attended the Victor Town Planning Board meeting Dec. 20 to hear part three of the environmental impact statement for the ConServe project. A draft had been prepared to approve the project.

After much discussion, it was agreed that traffic was still an issue and further study was needed. The board agreed a positive declaration be drafted. Before a motion could be made, the developer stated that unless the project was approved immediately, ConServe would move to Henrietta, because they are out of time.

The board was caught in an awkward position. They publicly stated the traffic impact was significant, yet some members did not want to lose the tax revenue. A motion was made to table the decision.
The board is on record stating the traffic problem is significant. Will they approve the project without further study? Doing what is right, not what is easy, should prevail.

For more information, visit stopconserve.wordpress.com.

Debra Hogan