DECA students from Victor Central School District recently completed its first test to participate in regionals Jan. 4 at Rochester Institute of Technology.
The test was administered over a two-day period due to the club’s size. The club was divided in half to take the one-hour test online. The students were given a specific test to meet their selected field — marketing, finance, hospitality, management, entrepreneurship and personal financial literacy.
Based on how well the students do on their tests, the scores will be added to their scores at regionals during the roleplay section. During the roleplay competition, students will receive a piece of paper and 10 minutes to prepare. They will then be asked to assume the role of an individual in their selected fields. It is their job to present a solution to the problem the company has.
Students will have an opportunity to move onto the state competition in Rochester if their combined test and roleplay score is in the top 10 at regionals.
The club’s new students said they have already gotten a lot out of the business club, including DECA social media officer Blake Hildman.
“From the mannerisms of business to the professional ways in which you conduct yourself, DECA has provided me with knowledge beyond what can be learned in the classroom,” Hildman said.
Returning members said they are still gaining more knowledge, even as some enter their fourth year like Mike Nelson, DECA president.
“DECA has helped me develop as a person by allowing me to apply leadership skills to real-world situations,” Nelson said.
VCSD students stand out in DECA for their ability to be prepared for tests and roleplays. Business teachers Sue Utz and Michael Cutaia have led the charge in making sure students are prepared.
“I am confident that everyone will do well,” Cutaia said. “I do, however, expect more out of the ones who seeked out the help of Mrs. Utz and I for one-on-one help. During that one-on-one time, the students get a lot more out of it. ”
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