A source close to the Craig Rideout murder investigation says a medical expert is re-examining tissue from the late wife of murder suspect Paul Tucci. Jennifer Tucci died in 2014.

Paul Tucci is one of four people charged with killing Craig Rideout, a father from Penfield. The other suspects are Rideout's widow Laura Rideout and two of their sons Alexander and Colin.

The source says an autopsy in 2014 determined Jennifer Tucci died from complications from alcohol. However, after Paul Tucci was arrested for tampering with evidence in the Craig Rideout murder, News 10NBC's source says a medical expert was directed to start the process of re-examining tissue left over from Jennifer Tucci's autopsy.

Thee Monroe County District Attorney's Office had no comment. No one has accused Paul Tucci of wrongdoing in his wife's death.

Paul Tucci's attorney, Michael Schiano, said, "Those allegations are completely ridiculous and it shows how desperate either the sheriff's office or DA's office is with proof in this case," Schiano said.

Paul Tucci is free on $25,000 bail. An indictment from the Monroe County Grand Jury charged Tucci, along with Laura Rideout and Alexander and Colin Rideout, with killing Craig Rideout. All four were arraigned in New York State Supreme Court Monday and pleaded not guilty.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says Craig Rideout was hit over the head and strangled; acid was poured on his face; and his body was wrapped in a tarp, bound with a bungee cord and then dumped along a farm road in Yates County.

Friends say Laura and Craig Rideout were at the middle of a contentious divorce at the time of his death. On the day his body was found, investigators say Craig Rideout's sister discovered Laura Rideout in his apartment in Penfield. At the time, investigators said they believed Laura Rideout was there to cover up the crime. Investigators found plastic bags filled with bloody clothes in the basement.

Weeks later, Tucci and Laura Rideout were ordered to provide DNA samples to be tested and compared to a blood samples found at scene.

Deputies arrested Rideout's sons Alex and Colin for trying to dispose of evidence — leather gloves, cleaning solutions and drain cleaner — at Devil's Bathtub in Mendon Ponds Park.