The community lends a hand after a Canandaigua family's home was left in shambles following an alleged larceny.

CANANDAIGUA — Despite relief that came with the arrest of the two men charged in connection with the theft of nearly $44,000 supposed to be used for her family’s home-improvement project, Beckie Milliman still had a lot of work to do. 

Tracy Young of Wayland, and Nicholas Hagadone of Cohocton, owners/operators of Mirallas Home Improvements, started work on Milliman's Pleasant Street home in the city of Canandaigua during May. By October, after collecting $43,790 from Milliman, the duo had walked away from the project, leaving the residence without a roof over the kitchen and leaving the Canandaigua resident with no money to do anything about it. 

“When it rained, it rained in our kitchen, it rained in our bathroom, it rained in our bedroom,” Milliman said. 

Without the impending compassion from members of the community, Milliman expects that her home would have been condemned by now, and the 10 people who resided there — including eight young ones — would have been left in the cold. 

"We are very grateful for community support and want everyone to know that we don't have enough words to describe our gratitude not only to the contractors volunteering but to the outpouring of mental and moral support from complete strangers," Milliman said. 

It started in May, when Milliman released an advertisement seeking a contractor to handle her home-improvement project. 

After receiving a settlement from a vehicle crash that left her disabled nearly eight years ago, Milliman decided to put the money into her home, which needed more space. As it was when the expansion project was mapped out, it was a three-bedroom, 1,400-square-foot residence on Pleasant Street, which served as home to Milliman and her husband, along with her eight children and grandchildren. The goal was to add three more bedrooms to the residence. 

“We took the money and invested it in the home to make it big enough for all the kids,” Milliman said.

Milliman received a response from approximately 10 contractors.

“Most of them couldn’t start until September,” Milliman said. “But these guys said they could start in two weeks.”

“These guys” — Young and Hagadone — came with plenty of referrals and a professional demeanor, according to Milliman. The Canandaigua resident was also impressed by the company’s website, which allegedly included pictures of the work they had done — or so she thought — along with what she believed to be authentic and glowing reviews. 

It’s a website that Milliman said no longer exists. 

The men did some work, but their inconsistent efforts ended in October when the men are accused of abandoning work on the Pleasant Street home. After an investigation by the Canandaigua Police Department, Young and Hagadone were charged on Nov. 29 with third-degree grand larceny, a class D felony.  

“They did a lot of damage when they were here,” Milliman said. “They did do work, but they did poor quality work and more damage than anything.” 

The arrest reached the news as did the Milliman family's pending quandary — a home with a roof torn off with a New York winter closing in.  

Canandaigua Code Enforcement Officer Dave LeClair reached out to Milliman, suggesting contractors to contact. That was only the beginning of the help that poured in.

Kevin Broomfield, owner of K.B. Construction in Canandaigua, had done a quote on the Milliman home back in May. After hearing about her situation on the news and again through social media, he decided to reach out. 

“I just told her to give me a call,” Broomfield said. “She said that she had no money. I told her that we knew her situation and we’d try to make it work. And that’s what we did.”

On Wednesday, Broomfield said from the scene of the home-improvement project that he has put in a total of six days of labor at the home. On Thursday, electricians are coming to the site, windows will be put in and walls will be up. After that it's insulation, dry wall and roofing. All the materials have been donated from local companies. 

Also on scene helping on Wednesday was Joe Colasacco, the managing director of the young Canandaigua-based nonprofit organization, Kingdom Proprietors Inc.

“I basically look to help out those who don’t have the means or ability to perform necessary and required repairs on their home and property,” Colasacco said. 

The Pleasant Street project is a bit larger than what his organization is designed for, but he's happy to join in.  

“It’s satisfying,” Colasacco said. “There’s nothing more rewarding than helping people. We saw somebody in our community who needed help. We can’t just sit by and do nothing.”

The assistance hasn’t ended with the construction work, as local restaurants — The Green Front, Pudgies and Pizano’s Italian Kitchen — have donated food to those who have helped out at the site.

A completion date for the project is unclear, but this is a job that Broomfield intends to see through until the end. 

“You can’t get into something like this and let them down,” said Broomfield, who has owned his business for 22 years. “This was just a tragedy. I’m a contractor, and us guys — we’re not like those people. We don’t need them in our community.”

Broomfield said that more hands could be used to help at the scene. Those looking to help out at the Pleasant Street home can do so by contacting Broomfield at 585-729-6134. 

Also, members of the community can donate to the cause by visiting

As for Hagadone and Young, they were both arraigned in Canandaigua City Court and placed in the Ontario County Jail. Hagadone has since been released from the facility after posting a $10,000 bond, while Young was released after posting a $20,000 bond. 

They will appear in Canandaigua City Court at a later date.

Canandaigua police officers are asking members of the community to contact them at 585-394-3311 if they or someone they know could have been a possible victim of this duo and their company.