Jalen Everett was among those convicted in the killings outside the Boys and Girls Club

ROCHESTER — A judge has overturned the conviction of one of the men found guilty of murder in the Boys and Girls Club shooting.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said the verdict against Jalen Everett was set aside following a judgment on a motion by the defense last Friday. Doorley said the decision was made due to something that happened during jury deliberations, but was unable to elaborate.

Doorley said a gag order was imposed by the court, preventing them from investigating the matter.

"Nothing would indicate that a full and fair inquiry could not have been conducted prior to today’s decision. At the very least, a fact finding hearing with a full and fair inquiry should have occurred," Doorley wrote.

She added, "We are currently conducting our own investigation and plan to take whatever action we deem appropriate."

Everett was found guilty in the shooting in the summer of 2015 outside the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street. Three young men were killed in the shooting and several others were injured. Police said Everett was among a group of three men who opened fire into a crowd leaving a basketball game at the club.

At this time, court officials only confirm a decision was made on a motion in the case, but haven't further elaborated.