The authentic World War I cannon has been missing from Washington Square Park in Rochester for the past seven years. No one seemed to know where the cannon went. Our news partner, News10NBC tracked it down and the cannon has been in storage in Georgia waiting for restoration and will eventually return to the Rochester park.

What happened to the cannon that disappeared from Washington Square Park in Rochester seven years ago. The mystery and the legend of the cannon grew even more in August of last year when it returned to the park for one day and then disappeared again the next day.

News10NBC found out the cannon is in Georgia right now and it will be back in Rochester soon. City officials said the cannon would be restored, and on Friday it was finally sent to Georgia for restoration.

The historic World War I cannon is Austrian and was captured by the Italians in a 1918 battle. Then it was donated to the City of Rochester by Italy in 1921. It was at Washington Square Park until 2009 when it disappeared the first time.

Chuck Baylis, Military History Society of Rochester Executive Director: It's one that I think for everybody in Rochester, it's an iconic piece. And it really is great to see that it's finally off the ground and it's finally down at the restoration house in the hands of somebody who can really do a good job.

Baylis says the cannon will be returned in May or June of next year. The hope for now is to have it here for one day on July 4th, then send it back into storage before putting it back in place permanently in July 2018.