Enrollment in the New York State of Health Marketplace begins Tuesday.

On Sunday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released an updated brochure giving New Yorkers tips about purchasing health insurance for next year, according to the office of the State Attorney General. They say that this pamphlet is called “Shopping For Health Insurance Coverage.” Its release comes prior to the open enrollment period for the New York State of Health Marketplace, which is set to begin on Tuesday, Nov. 1.
The Attorney General’s Office says the brochure can help individuals evaluate all of the various options for health insurance. This includes those that are on the Marketplace and those that are not. The Attorney General is urging people to take advantage of this open enrollment.
“Exploring the New York Marketplace is a great way to start making health care enrollment decisions by comparing plans and analyzing costs. I encourage all New Yorkers to see what options are available starting November 1,” Attorney General Schneiderman said in a press release from his office.
The Attorney General’s Office says those who want coverage for January 1 of this coming year have to enroll no later than December 15. If you have any questions regarding the New York State of Health Marketplace, you can call 1-855-355-5777.