Court papers say the toddler's mother, Heather Ace left her two boys alone, locked in their bedroom and went to buy pot and alcohol. The boys perished that night in a house fire. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. Our news partner spoke with the family. At this time, the mother has been charged with leaving the children alone.

Court papers say a Batavia mother was out buying alcohol and marijuana while a fire broke out at her house, killing her two twin boys -- who were left alone.

In those court papers, mother Heather Ace admits to leaving the two boys, Michael and Micah Gard, home alone, locked in their bedroom, while she left the home and bought pot and alcohol. She then went to a friend's house.

Ace faces charges for leaving the boys alone, but deputies say they don't believe she knew there would be a fire at the home. They are still trying to piece together what happened.

News10NBC: "What would you tell people?"

Amos Williams, boys' great granduncle: "This could have happened to anybody and it has happened to a lot people but just not to this extent."

The tragic death of twins Michael and Micah Gard in a house fire last May has taken its toll on Amos Williams' family. For months, they have been searching for answers.

"They can't tell us what started the fire," says Williams. "They're not giving us any information on what they think may have started the fire or who so I don't know how to feel."

"We are left with 'how did this fire start' and before we're going to start blaming people for two innocent deaths, we have to prove that beyond reasonable doubt and at this point we don't know," said Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster. "And because of that, we're not seeing any more serious charges placed."

Chief Deputy Brewster says, at this point, their hands are tied. They are confident Ace did not know there was going to be a fire when she left the house and their investigation remains open.

"People are just sort of demanding justice and right now it's going to be very difficult for us to give that," says Chief Deputy Brewster.

Meanwhile, a family is left looking for answers.

News10NBC: "Moving forward, what do you want to see happen with this case?"

Williams: "We want to see justice served, but it's not going to bring the boys back."

Investigators say the fire was not electrical in nature.