Officials say Heather Ace locked her twins in their room then left them alone in the house to go buy pot and alcohol. Both Michael and Micah Gard died in the house fire; the cause of the blaze has yet to be determined.

The Batavia mother charged with endangering the welfare of a child, after deputies say she left her kids home when a fire broke out, was buying weed and alcohol, according to court papers.

Heather Ace's twin sons, Michael and Micah Gard, died in the fire in May. Right now, the cause of the fire is not known and Ace does not face any charges for the fire.

Ace pleaded not guilty in court on Monday to the charges.

In court paperwork, Ace admits in a written statement that she left the boys in their room and latched the door around 8:30 p.m. At the time, she writes, there were no flames or smoke.

Original report:

In the paperwork, Ace admits to leaving her home and buying $10 worth of marijuana. She says she then went to a friend's house. Afterwards, she says she went to a gas station to buy a 4-Loko, along with some other items including two bottles of water and gum, and went back to her friend's house.

Ace says she ignored initial phone calls and texts from her mother that came around 10 p.m. that night -- when the fire had started. That is until her mother messaged her saying that her house was on fire.

Deputies say the boys were home along for more than an hour.

Wednesday night, we asked local residents what they think of Ace's admissions.

"If a child burns, no matter what she was doing," says Batavia resident Jessica DiSalvo. "I think she should be punished severely. There's no reason why a kid should have that happen to them."

"It was definitely not an accident," says Alyssa Nowakowski. "I do not see how anyone with a child could leave their kid home to go out and buy drugs or have anything to do with drugs with a kid."

We also hear from Ace's father. In his statement to police, the elder Ace says he saw his daughter earlier that evening, but had not made any arrangement to watch her children because she was leaving