Officials say a Canandaigua woman unknowingly purchased a dog off of Craigslist that was stolen from an area kennel. The dog was boarded at the kennel while the family was at their daughter's wedding. Deputies have now charged a 23-year-old Sodus woman with larceny and stealing a companion animal while an employee at the kennel. The family has since been reunited with the stolen dog.

UPDATE: Deputies charged 23-year-old Cassandra Blake of Sodus in connection with the missing dog. Blake was an employee at the kennel and was working at the time of the incident. She was charged with grand larceny and stealing a companion animal. She was remanded to the Monroe County Jail on $250 cash bail or $500 bond.

ORIGINAL REPORT: A family has been reunited with their dog on Monday after they claim it was stolen Friday from the kennel where they were boarding it.

The couple dropped their dog, Tessa, off at the Webster kennel last Tuesday while they went to their daughter's wedding. On Friday, the workers noticed she was missing, and screen to keep her in the kennel was punched out, but there was no sign Tessa did that on her own.

As the couple started to search for Tessa, things took a strange turn.

"We got a weird Craigslist message that indicated that Tessa, or a dog portrayed to be Tessa, was lying by the side of the road, bleeding," says Edward Turkowski. "People pick the dog up and as they drove away, the dog expired and they took it home and buried it -- that sounded very odd to us."

The Turkowskis followed their gut and kept looking for Tessa. The business manager at Theravet Acres says, after investigating, they believe someone stole Tessa, and sold her to a Canandaigua woman.

That woman, who heard about the missing dog, realized it matched the description of the dog she just bought on Craigslist, and contacted employees at Theravet.

Now, Tessa and her parents are all together again and the Turkowskis say this is the best day ever.

"We are excited to have her back home," says Edward Turkowski. "We are not sure if she knows what is going on yet. Just to know she was recovered for us, just makes us happy. Our family is back together. Tonight, when we are on the couch and all four of us are piled on a couch that is made for two, it will be a great evening."

The business manager says they have a good idea of who took Tessa Friday. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office is investigating, but if you know anything about this case you are asked to call 911.