The Victor Free Library is seeing many changes since Elly Dawson took over the reins in May of this year. As the new library director, Dawson was excited to work with a staff that are willing to embrace some changes.
After residing in their current building for 19 years, space was at a premium. The addition of new books and other library materials began to fill the shelves. The accumulation of more computers for the public to use took up additional floor space. In a very busy library, use of other areas for sitting, reading, working on homework and enjoying the atmosphere consumes another great portion of the floor space.
One challenge that Dawson faced was the inability to plan to put an addition on to the present building. “There is not enough space to expand the building so we needed to utilize the space we have to its best potential,” Dawson explained.
With a fresh set of eyes, plans were sketched and re-sketched. Sharing the plans and ideas with staff and library users allowed Dawson to rethink the entire library footprint.
One of the first areas to be redefined is the public computer area. Moving shelves and shifting books, the new location can service all the computer stations that were available in a more welcome area.
The entire library staff encourages library users to ask for help in finding items as the plans at work do require a considerable amount of moving shelving and materials. When things are finally settled there is hope that the entire library will be more open and welcoming as well as efficient for staff and library users.
While Dawson will admit to the disruptions, she made the decision to move forward with plans in a way that allowed the changes to be made over time. “We did not want to close the library in order to make the changes because the library is too important to the community to close the doors.” Dawson remarked.
Every attempt is being made to keep costs to a minimum. Shelving and furniture are being relocated and repurposed. The entire project should be completed by the end of the year.